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This website is full of the charm and excitement that is the Welsh Mountain Pony. His pony characteristics, agility, extreme intelligence and strength come from his beginnings 2,000 years ago with the Celtic Pony and over hundreds of years of living in the rugged hills of Wales.  Through time and challenges he survived, adapted and flourished which is amazing, and he is the wonderful pony featured on these pages in a wide variety of disciplines.  He is a pony for people of all ages and these pages are for all Welsh Mountain Pony enthusiasts to contribute to and enjoy.  We are home to the Welsh Mountain Pony Promotions pages where ponies can be found for sale and a marketing program for breeders.  Be sure to click on the WMPP Pages on the above menu to visit their farm pages and their classified advertising page to see where these wonderful ponies are being carefully bred and raised by people who fell in love with the Welsh Mountain Pony and are dedicated to sharing the fun with others.  


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Thank you for visiting the Welsh Mountain Pony website!  We are a work in progress and hope to always be working on sharing new information with people interested in the breed.  Much of our website is for people who do not know the WMP.     We welcome ideas for stories, stories, and pictures from all Welsh Mountain Pony owners anywhere in the world.  We reserve the right to choose appropriate submissions for publication.  For more information on the WMP go to    


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