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This page is in the works and will probably be a favorite of Welsh owners, breeders and WMP enthusiasts.  We will have an article about a member's visit to the Coed Coch farm next week and and article about a very successful pony who has passed on to his greener pastures where he can eat all the grass he wants!  We encourage Welsh owners to memorialize their special Welsh Mountain Pony with a story under 500 words and with

1-2 pictures.  The story is to be about his life and not to promote a farm please.  


We also will be printing stories from past publications that are still relevant to current owners and feature articles.  Please send story and pictures to Pictures can be scanned in jpeg form please.  Ponies do not have to be show ponies.  I am going to write about my Mother's WMP she had in the 1930s and drove to town to take the bacon to the market in an L shaped cart.  


This website is for all WMP owners to contribute to and learn from. Owners from every country are welcome to contribute.  The WMP has registries in over a dozen countries and ponies in many more.  If you want to just send us a fact sheet about a historical pony or person and have it written up for you we can do that too. 

Welsh Mountain Pony History

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