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What is a Welsh Mountain Pony?


What is a Welsh Mountain Pony?   He is everything you see pictured above and a lot more. He is of the original pony breed who lived wild on the hills of Wales for over a century and he can do about anything you ask of him.  He can take his young rider for an impromptu adventure and they can have the kind of fun only children and ponies know or he can jump in the trailer and compete at a show or driving event or trail ride with his adult owner and be happy doing it all. 


In the USA he can be as tall as 50 inches at the wither and usually weighs between 450-600 pounds. 


The Welsh Mountain Pony was used as a coal mine pit pony, a Roman chariot pony and the mount for farmers who needed to check their sheep in rough terrain in his past but now he is valued for his versatility as the ideal family pony in over a dozen countries.  His willingness to work with people is highly valued by his owners as well as his enjoyment of children. 


This pony is not a short horse. His personality sets him apart.  He is known for his surprisingly keen intelligence, honed over hundreds of years in the rugged hills of Wales where food was scarce and weather often harsh for any living creature.  He flourished where sheep could not and developed skills that ensured his survival.  He is clever and easily trained and he thrives the more time spent with people.  His sense of humor is often shown in his antics as he plays with a ball or even a stick if it is the only toy he can find, in his turnout or pasture.  He loves an audience. 


In times when families are looking for ways to connect –the Welsh Mountain pony can be the project for everyone in the family.   A pony can teach a child responsibility and give them a sense of purpose.  She will be anxious to run to the barn after school to see her pony and they will spend many hours in conversation as she cleans his stall or brushes his mane or rides along the trails. 


He is also the perfect equine for people who have been part of the show world for years but are now wanting to take things a little easier.  The Welsh Mountain Pony because of his size and temperament is the ideal answer.  He can keep the most accomplished horseman interested because of is athleticism and intelligence while being easier to handle because of his size.  With his solid build and size he has plenty of pony power to pull carts cross country for the adult as he has become a favorite in Combined Driving Events and Pleasure Drives. Many adults ride their WMPs on trail rides and in shows.  Pound for pound he can carry and pull more than a horse.


Please visit the farms’ websites and if possible, a Welsh Mountain Pony farm.   If you spend just a few minutes with one of these ponies he will tell you why he is so special.  His charm has brought many of us into the WMP world and the experience only gets better!

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