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 Ways to Have Fun With Your Welsh Mountain Pony 

Because the Welsh Mountain Pony is so versatile, there is no limit to what kind of activity you can enjoy with him.  Children love summer riding camps on child friendly WMPs and impromptu trail rides.  They may show him in one or several of a group of a dozen classes that are designed for the child’s growth of abilities at WMP shows and some local shows.  Costume classes are always a favorite way for children to show their creativity with their ponies as models.


Competitive driving is a fun way for adults to meet like-minded people who enjoy training their ponies at a different level.  Everyone starts out as a novice.  With lessons and help from trainers and other competitors drivers soon learn the ropes and are ready to try their first Welsh Show or Driving Event.  Life long friendships are often made.


Local all breed shows, parades, 4-H, Pony Club and local saddle clubs provide plenty of activities for the WMP owner/family and there are always people willing to help the new owners. 


WMPs are popular in over a dozen countries that maintain a registry.  In the UK, a red ribbon is the winning ribbon.  Champions are often award a sash ribbon to be worn around his neck as he leaves the showring.  Many WMP stallions have excellent dispositions and make wonderful driving ponies as well as the mares and geldings.  A WMP easily becomes an important and loved part of the family.


He is also a great companion and enjoys just spending time with his people. 


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