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Baby Basket Pony Saddle

How old do you have to be to start riding a Welsh Mountain Pony? This little girl’s mom had a well trained pony ready for her when she was born! As she gained strength and was able to sit up and hold on to the basket she was ready to ride. Of course, she wore a helmet which is an important requirement. Each child’s personality is different so parents should take it slow. Introducing the pony to the saddle without the child so she is comfortable with it and then introducing the child to the saddle before it is on the pony would be a good idea also for an easy transition to riding in the saddle on the pony according to some parents.

The basket saddle was popular in Victorian times in England as a way to introduce very young children to riding a pony. The design allows the young child to experience riding with support on three sides. A belt is attached to the saddle but many parents prefer to have someone holding on to the child as they walk along thus making it a two person job.

Obviously, a very well trained pony who is very quiet is needed for such young children on the leadline. The saddles are not designed to be ridden by the child alone to guide by rein. The easy to fit saddles are made by hand in England with reed and wire. The wire frame gives the flexibility to fit narrow or broad backed ponies. Saddles can be ordered with a saddlecloth, padded seat, back rest and web girth. They are very popular with parents.

This little girl’s mom ordered her saddle from for about $200 pounds. Postage was another $100 to ship from England to the U.S.

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